A century-old story of passion.

The Wine farm Cabanon was created by John Mercandelli that applying his insight and passion put to good efforts and the work that his family has always applied on land owned since 1909.
The company, over the years, it was enlarged and beautified and planted a vineyard with totally modern and innovative policies, innovative as were many of the varieties introduced in it, much earlier than those that would have been confirmations of local realities.
John Mercandelli tried to convey to all those around him and loved his passion and ideals, especially his daughter Elena followed him from a very young age, and both grew up together and lived close to the company every change and evolution; still a child, his father began to send his methods and his teachings and wanted, then, that ampliasse them through training courses and trips abroad. And so much work.
They were devised new and ingenious winemaking techniques through a healthy blend of tradition and modern conceptions wine, always pursuing the goal of best quality and authenticity of the product. The company has always had a tradition of organic farming, because the philosophy of its creator respect for the environment and looking for a job and a life the healthiest possible was also the basis of all business initiatives; Cabanon produces wines and spirits in the most absolute respect for nature and the health of consumers