Delicate ancient petals

La Damask Rose cultivated in our "Fattoria Cabanon" (collected in June 2014)
It 'a very old variety of rose is characterized by an intense and delicate fragrance, far higher than normal.
Of this species there is a variety widely cultivated in the Rose Valley in Bulgaria, which is, in fact, definata Bulgarian Rose or Rosa Kazanlak from the name of a famous Valley of the Roses.
It is used for distillation because of its great assets is ESSENCE and, therefore, in the world of perfumery and cosmetics and in medicine is also used for its actions ANTIFIAMMATORIE REFRESHING, ANTIDEPRESSANT.
Rose water is recommended for cleaning the eyes and oral cavity.
Also known as the Rose of Damascus, was taken to France by the Knights of the Middle Ages, the jewel of the gardens of the East