elena mercandelli - le signore del vino

Since more than ten years Cologni Franco, president of the Foundation (Past President of Cartier International and Managing Director of Compagnie Financière Rchemont) for arts and crafts in Milan, is to study, protect and promote the crafts of art in Italy through initiatives editorials (the Lanyard Arts and Crafts published by Basic Books). Scientific (a research center in collaboration with the Catholic University), cultural and informational (premiums laura, conventions and exhibitions).

Hence the idea to publish in 2006 a book Winegrowers art craft, written by Paul Massobrio, journalist and wine critic, and Andrea Sinigaglia, professor of history and culture of Italian cuisine at the Alma (cooking school Italian-based Colorno, in the province of Parma). Alongside this editorial initiative, the Foundation has appointed Elena Mercandelli Farm Cabanon Godiasco (Pv) the production of a red wine: Corvitis.

While expressing its organoleptic properties right now, the Corvitis acquires greater character after a few years, as all the fine red. Inland of its prerogatives, the reserve 2004 he received last year, the coveted Top Hundred 2006 rewards the best wines of Italy. But what makes a wine Corvitis really special is its creator, Elena Mercandelli. One of the few "ladies of wine" to be also an expert grower and winemaker, Elena is a true daughter of the vineyard. Not only because he inherited the talent from his family, winegrowers for generations, and he learned the craft on the ground, as well as on the books. But mostly because his company prefers to send her forward pickings, pressing, decanting, analyzing, tasting and bottling rather than in front of a computer. In fact, marketing is actively involved in her husband John. His wines win awards, the result of which affect not just the innovative organic farming techniques that are used and the flagship of the Cabanon.

Know and be won over by its sweetness and simplicity, the incredible passion he puts into his work, his competence, respect he has for the earth, it is all one. And between you and the Foundation was love at first sight. So much so that this year it was decided to renew the successful collaboration with the Corvitis Riserva 2005 "Only a few thousand hectares of vineyards selected bottles because they can not give more," said Cologni emphasizing the preciousness of this wine ...


The winegrower (paolo massobrio and andrea sinigaglia - 2006)

The cellar door cellar door is called in English but in many cases, in Italy, opening the door crossing that threshold, you find yourself in a house rather than in a company. It 's the case with many Italian winemakers who have grown up together with vines and the walls of their cellars, which breathed from childhood the smell of must and maybe playing between the rows to imitate the great have learned to do the job. There are many people among the tenants who inherited, or rather, it is found naturally in continuing a family tradition, has found itself in the continuation of the story because there is not enough reason to stop the tradition in which it is born and bred but his own arbitrary decision that is often violence. I do not think some of you have not even introduced and described in these few lines Elena. You should meet her, take a ride through the vineyards, accompanied by her husband, John, you need to discover just who these people quiet during the day to weave the tapestry of their order and mastery in a relationship with the land that leaves no room for flights of fancy or weak thoughts but that every day will be seeking strict and didactic. The hills of Pavia where is the Fattoria Cabanon, are rocky and austere, the house-cellar is at the top of the slope covered with precise file and cared for vineyards, 30 hectares, neither few nor the many known span to span from Elena and John, and the staff, a word that sounds very cold because the relationship with the workers is that of a friendship aimed at the continuous improvement of the work. Elena is calm and polite to the point that you never would think of as operating power conceal his shy smile. She 'to deal with in the first person coming down between the rows of vines with the workers and dictating the pace and the rhythm is that new cuttings be planted or whether they dispel the vintage, she is the winemaker and assists in the first pressing, directs operations during vinification, selects and dispenses the use of wood "and yet, as to not be enough, it's all his passion for distillation, a real art that makes a successful producer of distilled grape marc , grape and fruit.

Elena is the vinedresser traditional Italian and European in general. A family context that decides to entrench its own history and that of wine that will produce the name of his family and the word "shed" written in the dialect of Lombard is on the bottles that will be scattered around the world, and become strange signal sent from the small farm up to international boards from Japan to the United States. One thing very unique to this winery that we have taken, for example, many more in this fresco which is complementing, is the presence of a chapel of familiars in the vineyards. In that sacred place they were married and baptized spouses and children who could not only share their land with the most beautiful moments and important; there a few steps. The burial place of peace and for the family members, surrounded the orchards that lend themselves to shadow as the last service, as to tell in a flash unusual and unexpected, that the screw asks for the life of the winemaker, is a faithful companion but demanding. Elena is a queen condottiera in these hills on the border between Piedmont and Lombardy on his property is cultivated with biological system. The care and attention is given all the details, the taste of the woman is perceived in the cleaning and simple and refined workmanship environments. It 'easy in the world of wine today but women often find they are managers or communicators, in our case we are dealing with a female presence strongly determined and competent after an education in Trentino and in France is back in his lands to make something small and exclusive, to make quality and to tell itself through its wines. What her name is, for example, a Muscat of Hamburg vinified with Champenoise method without disgorgement, rather than what she affectionately called Prince, is the Little Prince: Barbera reserve. An authentic interpretation of its land that is a hymn to the vines. In the meantime, the house between certificates of merit for the quality of the wine labels and bottles there is a shelves of DVDs with cartoons, are the young Gregorio, three and a half meanwhile grows between the musts for tourists and clients who, as a good landlord, and to imitate the great, improvised wine seller. I wonder if when it comes his turn will have the courage to leave all this.

Divine Spirit (Oct / ​​nov)., 2006 - divine initiatives - recognition at heart

From grapes grown
Biological, comes a special wine which pays homage to the art of vignailo: the Corvitis.
Vineyards on the best side of the lower valley Staffora
From the heart of an ancient vineyard of the western dell'Oltrepò Pavese takes away Corvitis, Rosso DOC Riserva 2004 Deep ruby ​​red color with garnet and enveloping scent, which combine with great balance and soft, delicate and intense fruity notes, Corvitis , the result of the skilful combination of rare grapes, croatina, barbera, vespolina, is not only a full-bodied wine, full-bodied and velvety, but it is a very special creature, who will become a great nectar in the future. Produced from grapes strictly organically grown and rich in valuable tannin, protects the heart and helps to keep you young. And like to think that somehow we should dowry to the fact that in Corvitis beats a heart, that of Elena Mercandelli, who leads the Fattoria Cabanon Godiasco (Pv) while staying true to the company philosophy, where respect for the 'environment is combined with the search for a job and a life, the healthier possibili.Tutto began in 1909, when the grandfather of Elena Mercandelli, now at the helm of the company (personally oversees the work in the vineyard and is responsible for the cellar and technical operations, from crushing to decanting, by chemical analysis to bottling the wine tasting), to serve a genuine wine in your tavern Godiasco, a small village on the hills at Pavese buy a small vineyard on the best side the lower Valley Staffora. Those on limestone-clay soils, very windy and with an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of the vine, John Mercandelli then creates the company Cabanon and increases working with great passion and dedication, impiantandola totally vineyard with modern standards and introducing innovative varieties .
Renouncing the use of pesticides, herbicides or systemic antibotriti, Mercandelli choose a philosophy that protects human health and environmental balance of life and work. A creed, this, that, along with the methods and knowledge of an ancient craft, moved into his daughter Elena, encouraging her to expand them and enrich them through training courses, trips abroad and of course a lot of work. In a sign of the balance between tradition and modern conceptions of wine, are put in place new winemaking techniques, always seeking the best quality and the genuineness of the product. Thus, from a mix of tradition, innovation, passion, technique and hard and patient work, was born on Corvitis, the wine of the heart, which is good for the heart, new fruit company Cabanon and Elena Mercandelli, which over time has been able to maintain and cultivate the legacy of an ancient craft of art such as that of the winemaker. And he could not figure out what the Foundation Cologni Métiers d'Art, a private non-profit institution, founded by Franco Cologni, who is the president (former President of Cartier International and Managing Director of Compagnie Financière Rchemont), with the aim of promoting , support and implement initiatives, cultural, scientific, educational and outreach for the protection and recovery for arts and crafts, as activities that represent an exceptional and complex reality, human, social, cultural and economic life, full of potential for the future. The foundation is concerned, therefore, art crafts, but with his eyes leaning more to the future than to the past: his initiatives are aimed primarily at young people. While it is in fact to form new generations of craftsmen, saving some trades traditional art in danger of extinction, the other one tries to encourage young people to focus on some professionalism in contemporary art, such as the photographer, the copywriter, designer, offering unexpected opportunities for employment.


Oltrepo Pavese: Fattoria Cabanon

Thursday, August 10, 2006

We visited with Marco winery located in dell'Oltrepo Godiasco, right on the border with Piedmont.
To welcome Mercandelli Elena and her husband John, who made ​​us Cicero in the midst of 30 hectares of vineyards currently owned and operated, and in which they were completing the work of topping. The vineyards are characterized first of all by an extreme variety (not the daughter of the latest fashions, but by tradition and spirit of innovation, suffice it to say here that Syrah has now grown to twenty years).
Variation in terms of both types (which leads to the production of wine more than twenty labels), both as ground, always hilly and which in some cases is so thin as to be composed almost solely from stones and pebbles.
From here you can always practice organic farming (ie since this name had not yet been invented) with great respect for nature.
Not only vineyard Fattoria Cabanon, but also a splendid herd of wild boars and a distillery which are produced with different types of grappa.
In the cellar there are so many types of wine are different modes of production and aging, from steel, to concrete tanks, the barrel until large casks.
With all these different labels and varieties we would have expected a production with many ups and downs, however the quality of all the wines tasted was medium-high, demonstrating the passion and the ability to Elena dl and his staff.
Proving that hard work in the fields and in the cellar can always give good results.
Of note also the excellent wild boar salami that is linked very well (too much since we brushed on) to red wines ...

Great Wines from Small wineries (Pozzali Marco and Federico Graziani)

Cabanon Bonarda O.P. DOC. The Oltrepò Pavese is a symbol of bubbles, and we do not always refers to those of Sparkling Wines. The part closest to these people or to the everyday consumer can not deny that the Bonarda is one of the pillars of the market. In fact, despite this wine is not considered modern viticulture, perhaps because it has so shameless that fruit and concentrated, it is certainly closer to the tables of Lombardi every day. We then selected one of the best reality of this type, where a fruit rich in neutral but rather is combined with the complicity of the magic bolle.Alla view is purplish-crystalline, with a creamy foam that teases the eye. The nose reminiscent of wild berries, fresh and ripe, that alternate and are enhanced by the movement created by the bubbles. In the mouth it is fresh and dry, the effervescence pleases the palate and cleans, keeping the feeling of prolonged persistence.

For these features, the Bonarda has always been associated with cold cuts, of which the queen. Serve cool, but not cold, and the pleasantness increase. We also recommend the Cabanon Little Prince Vigna Collesino.

TIMES MAGAZINE – 10 April 2004


Cabanon Prunello Barbera, Oltrepò Pavese 2000. This is a terrifically stylish, well-judged wine. Heady aromas of maraschino cherries and marzipan pave the way for a smooth, concentrated, harmonious mouthful. This would be a treat with baked ham – or even cheese on toast. You can find it at Vaughan Johnson, Temple Bar, Corkscrew, Chatham St; Redmonds, Ranelagh; Bin No 9, Clonskeagh; Hogans, Rathfarnham; Baily, Howth; Red Island, Skerries; Grape Escape, Luan and others.


Gluttony: The Little Prince of wine

A bomb of wine. The color is purplish red, deep. The aroma is rich, warm, fruity night of cherry, raspberry, plum and spice. The palate is concentrated, structured, complex and alcoholic, co a touch of wood and aromatic persistence. A wine that is called Little Prince, as the tale of Saint Exupèery. And to think that it is a Barbera, for more dell'Oltrpò Pavese. It has a generous alcohol (14 ° C!) And goes well with roasted meats and mature cheeses. Oltrepò Pavese Barbera Little Prince, 1997 produced by Cabanon. Francesco Arrigoni.

Wine Report, December 2003


It 's rare case, at least as far as I'm concerned, wineries dell'Oltrepò Pavese that may arise to the attention of a consumer not only local, strong not only a wide and differentiated products, an element which is common to many viticultural Oltrepo, but especially of a personal style, a strong ability to characterize their wines.

One of those rare reality, in my view, is definitely the farm winery that John Mercandelli, operating in an area owned by the family since the beginning of the century, created since the seventies in locations Cabanon Godiasco.

The company, Fattoria Cabanon, gradually expanded until it reached its present size of 30 hectares of vineyards, located on limestone-clay soils, very windy, 300 meters above sea level, conducted along modern and innovative, for a production that is around 150,000 bottles, has been and is still unique in the wine scene Oltrepò.

It is for the vineyards, located in an area at the west end at Pavese bordering the Old Piedmont and the province of Alessandria, for choice, acquired from the outset, with a pioneering spirit, of produce according to biological criteria (Cabanon is recognized agri Eco Bio) without ever making use, in no time and opportunity, of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or systemic, in accordance with a philosophy that safeguard the health of 'man and balance of 'environment in which the family lives and works, and for the type of wine produced.

In thirty years of John Mercandelli tried stubbornly to develop new winemaking techniques through a balanced mix between tradition and the most modern conceptions of wine, always with the goal of best quality and authenticity of the product. At his side, from a very young man, he worked his daughter Elena, formed not only at the school of his father, but through constant training and travel abroad.

John Mercandelli has recently passed away, leaving a great void of course, given its charismatic figure within the company and the people that were closest.

Cabanon though, as I got to check out with great pleasure, during a recent visit to the company, passed the obvious moment of great difficulty, demonstrate, through a strong desire of his daughter Elena, wished to continue in the path traced by Mercandelli, and indeed want to reaffirm and strengthen its identity as a winery with an original approach to viticulture area Oltrepo.

Cabanon ... And you taste the Sauvignon blanc 2002, fruity, mineral, with a beautiful acidity that are left intact and surprisingly balanced and alive in a 1996 vintage bottle, uncorked not so much a challenge, but with the conviction of a show wine still in perfect shape, played with a bouquet of marzipan, almond, elderflower and hints of pierre à fusil in the manner of a Pouilly-Fumé or Sancerre, to be convinced that Cabanon is an example, very personal, which must remain unique and inimitable, a way of making wine, in this corner of Oltrepò, who escapes, God willing, rules and routine of the viticulture of this beautiful region. How many other white oltrepadani can boast a similar clarity of execution, such purity of expression and linearity?

If you add then that most of the wines can count on a value for money - very good quality and that the protagonists of the company, in their originality and diversity of the cliché of the modern producer, rampant, media and smart, they are real people, before real producers, with solid values ​​and reference them a genuine feel, we can not conclude that a visit to the cellar placed in locations Cabanon Godiasco is worth and that the wines of this reality should be carefully taken into account. In times of standardization and approval, praise be to the apparent "extravagance" and blessed originality of this farm and its creators!


Prunello. Oltrepo Pavese 1998. Barbera. Fattoria Cabanon

Italie. Appellation lombardie – oltrepo pavese. Cèpage barbera. ?ge moyen des vignes de 25 ans à 30 ans. Sous-sol argilo-calcaire. Vendanges manuelles – mi-tardives en fin octobre. Rendement moyen: 40 hl/ha. Vinification tradionnelle avec ègrappage. Èlevage en fûts de ch?ne slovènes de 250 l. Vinificateur: Elena Mercandelli. Prix èstimè à ce jour: de 14 euros a 15 euros TTC. Se marie avec des ravioles d’agneau et d’orties sur un lit de roquette et de purèe de tomates fraiches. ? carafer 30 minute avant de server à 17°C.

Rouge grenat, pourpre èclatant. Le ne zest enivrant, marquee par des senteurs de figues, de cannelle, de caramel et de brou de noix. L’attaque est suave, extrêmement fine fruitèe: les tannins tapissent la bouche avec beaucoup d’èlègance et de precision. La finale est tonique et pure.

L’ensemble des vins de la propriete est r’èalisè en biodynamie, ce vin nous a semvlè reprèsenter l’èlègance et la finesse des grands vins de l’Italie du Nord.

AIS Lombardia, April 2002

Organic, biodynamic or transgenic ...? Silvano of the Fire.
Even the Lombardy begins to make news in the world of organic wine. Among the best red wines of the year marked by the punctual Doc "Guide to Organic Wines of Italy" 2002 Antonio Attorre published by New Techniques, there is a wine dell'Oltrepò Pavese: THE LITTLE PRINCE's 1998 Fattoria Cabanon Godiasco obtained from Barbera grapes grown in the oldest vineyard on the property.

Civilta' del bere, April 2002 (Gigi De Santis)

Me and wine: Valeria Marini "I drink only red wine"

Which one? We think Vittorio

Valeria interviewed by comedian Dario Vergassola break during transmission Rai: "I love the reds, I like the wines a bit 'fruity, it says so? The other night I had one; I would ask you to describe it, I love wine, but only during meals, never on other occasions "
At the restaurant, how do you choose the wine? "We think that Victor knows my taste ...

You should tell me that red wine's "Four Seasons" in Milan.

"Yes, I remember well his name is Heart, just like that (he brings his hand on his chest), Heart, what a beautiful name ..."

It's so nice that we do not know and arouses curiosity in everyone. The problem is solved with a phone call Patrizio Cipollini, general manager of the hotel with the Milanese, who kindly confirmed the presence of a red card in Cuoredivino, grapes Barbera, Bonarda Pinot Noir produced by Cabanon Godiasco (PV). Cippolini us very correctly states that this wine is also from Peck paper, two appearances in all of Milan.

Panorama, May 2001 by Roberto Rossi


However, unless he does not want svenare, you do not need to go far: for example, a cry from Syrah, thanks to the Cabanon you can stop in Oltrepò Pavese without flying to Australia.

Syra's Fattoria Cabanon: Unexpected jewel of organic viticulture: extreme pleasure and consistency.


This farm where they produce a great wine is positioned near Milan Oltrepò Pavia.

I this place produces a small amount of wine but of excellent quality. The wines of Fattoria Cabanon can be found at the most important and famous restaurants, such as the "Four Seasons", "Peck" and "Armandola" Via della Spiga in Milan.

The owner John Mercandelli, farming implements such as "organic" and therefore was never made ​​use of, in no occasion of pesticides, herbicides, systemic or antibotrtici, in accordance with a philosophy that protects human health and the 'environmental balance.

The owner is a very nice person, who is to transfer the ownership of the Fattoria Cabanon, his daughter, Elena Mercandelli, Enotecnica company.

Some wines are produced on the farm, Pinot Grigio, Barbera and Bonarda Oltrepò, but the most important is the "Divine Heart", which according to a study by Professor Masquelier, half a liter of wine a day can prevent the risk of myocardial infarction and arteriosclerosis. It 'a wine of great character, with an intense and complex flavor and firm wide. A great red wine for the entire meal, perfect balance and unique character.

IL POPOLO dell’Oltrepo', 10 may 1998

Cabanon at the top of Lombardy winegrowing

You godiachese one of the most genuine and innovative wineries in Italy. He decreed that none other than the Ministry of Agriculture as part of the Vinitaly, the traditional exhibition scheduled to open each year in that of Verona, has been awarded the prestigious "Grand Medal of Can Grande," the company Cabanon John Mercandelli .

The reason given by the Commission is a climax of awards for the efforts in many years of activity in the strict adherence to a strategy based on quality: "To decisive contribution to the development of viticulture and enhancement of Italian."

An award to a precise strategy adopted over the years that, in Lombardy, only Cabanon has received: "It was our choice to base specific to the wine production of absolutely natural biological systems that seek to exalt even the appearance of healthy, not considering a simple drink to accompany convivial occasion or a party with friends, but a lush essence of multiple components with a strong nutritional value so as to represent a means of preventing scientifically accepted even on the front healthy. "So good and healthy that, in early June, just a representative of the family (Elena Mercandelli) was invited to a symposium official at the renowned home to Siena Italian Enoteca, to discuss how positive health drink wine in the right quantity.

La Provincia Pavese, 18 may 1996

The wine-female "Women in Business" in the cellar

... "The figure most genuine among women in viticulture is one Elena Mercandelli, owner of Fattoria Cabanon Godiasco, technical expert of wine, 32, is a tireless worker in the vineyard and in the cellar. His obbietivo: Do not point the quantity, but the quality of the production. For that Elena is constantly updated through laboratory courses or cellar that every year makes Trento or Bordeaux. Your satisfaction is of owning one of the few companies in Italy recognized the Association of Italian organic, very strict on the requirements of the "purity" of the products of the companies that belong to it. And those rose bushes that are planted in the top of each row in its own vineyards are evidence of organic farming. The roses are in fact the best indicators of diseases of the vine. "

Il Corriere dello Sport 26 july 1995

Anatomy of the Divine: Overo, here Robi Baggio
We try to respond by introducing a larger (and better) knowledge of the Divine through the only instruments that we practice; information and curiosities collected over years of frequent codinica. The passion for ducks lives and fried frogs and wine Cabanon the infernot dell'Oltrepo ...
The Robi Baggio drink: red wine dell'Oltrepo ("Sensations, and Infernot the Cabanon of Mercandelli, but only during meals.

Il Sole 24 Ore july 1994

Outsider rare grapes unique
Among the wines outsider high level, there are those company Cabanon: a Pinot Grigio with a great personality, Rhine Riesling tasty and fragrant and the Cabanon blanc, a sauvignon worthy of attention.
The company Godiasco has a rich production of white and red wines, but unfortunately reduced in quantity; it is not easy to find in circulation.
The level reached by the company is the result of a lot of work done by the family Mercandelli; the father liquor dealer is now intent to attend full-time wine, his daughter Elena, a young Enotecnica, the cellar. Mercandelli I have therefore made ​​a choice, that of quality, have decided to cultivate the vineyards organically and produce only wine with their grapes.
Whether red or white, the products are now Cabanon security. The Cabanon blanc Pinot gray and white house are always excellent, but our preference is to Riesling, as it has a wonderful fragrance and hints of fruit. Tangy, rich, surprising even with a slightly spicy flavor and pleasant.

Il Sole 24 Ore march 1992,

Davide Paolini

The hit parade ignores enodelicatessen came by the green
The world of wine is like that of the song: we must learn to listen or drink these outsiders when the restaurant world or that of the song and just keep popping up with always big.

In recent times, thanks to Marco Garfagnini White Goose in Viareggio, which has one of the best wineries in Italy, I was able to discover a number of wines of great outsider level. During the summer with the dishes of Franco Oca Bianca I enjoyed the company Cabanon white wines: a Pinot Grigio full of personality, the Riesling tasty and fragrant, the Cabanon Blanc, Sauvignon grapes worthy of attention.

I must hasten to add that the company is not Cabanon in Friuli, but Oltrepò bordering the Piedmont. This proximity explains very well two other products from this company Godiasco (PV): Barbera and Dolcetto that is labeled as "feelings." Regarding the Barbera we are at the vertices of very high quality.

A rich production of products, but reduced in quantity. It is not easy to find in circulation. The level reached by the company is the result of a lot of work done by the family Mercandelli; the father liquor dealer, now intent on dealing with full-time wine, his daughter Elena, Enotecnica in the cellar.

I have chosen Mercandelli quality: the countryside as a venue, the garden, the maile, chickens and wine. They also chose to grow organically vineyards and produce wine with their grapes. If the growing demand for their products will not make them change, surely their wines are going to succeed in time for the quality.

The final product of the original house Mercandelli bears a name full of meaning: "Heart." It is a red Oltrepò with the addition of Cabernet. The "Heart" is a big red, like the red Infernot obtained with barbera grapes and croatina.

EUROPEO /17 november 1989

PRODIGY GIRL. Elena Mercandelli with his father.
Francesco Arrigoni

To complete the picture ... paladins Oltrepò, the company Cabanon Godiasco, the fringe of the doc, in the valley Staffora. The company was able to show that with a limited yield per hectare, even the most modest vitgni can give amazing results. Deus ex machina of the Cabanon is Mercandelli Elena, a young Enotecnica, daughter of the owner. It is to her that the oltrepò finally has a Pinot Grigio full of great persistence, a wine that at first taste could be mistaken for one of the best products of Friuli. Also interesting is the Infernot, a red font and generous, able to deal with the hassle of longer aging. Elena is also the author of the first Sauvignon made ​​in Oltrepò, typical and full as he wants the vine. A wine destined to make a sensation.

L’UNITA’ /14 july 1988

To the taste of wine

Another alchemist in the hills of Godiasco, Henry Lotti
At the time ... the Malaspina, the high valley Staffora producing Barbera and Dolcetto. With centuries, vineyards and farmers have fallen towards the plain: Broni Stradella and have become major wine centers, the "heart dellOltrpò bunting. The ancient vineyards of the valley Staffora (the etymology would be for "bunch of grapes") have been deleted from the forest. The great wineries in the area flood the markets of Barbera and Cortese. But John Mercandelli and his daughter Elena, an agronomist and enocultrice, shaking his head. The Cabanon has taken more than 15 years in this part of the path of quality: for one thing, has renounced the use of herbicides and chemical fertilizers. The choice was rewarded by results: its Bonarde, Riesling and Pinot retain its wonderful fragrance, and are now required to be a loyal customer base of winemakers and restaurateurs. For years, the bottles of Mercandelli migrate from the valley Staffora and are welcomed with open arms in Montpellier, in Monte Carlo; Milan wines of the Cabanon for years been the Oltrepò in the glorious windows of ... Peck.


January 1992

Dearest Elena & Family Mercandelli,

My wife and I would like to express our sincere thanks to the delicious selection of wines that you have sent with a pleasing thought. Your wine has enriched our table. We found it elegant and complex scents and great taste balance.

We admire your dedication and love for the vineyards, and your sacrifices to produce the best wine possible.

A toast to you sending best wishes for the future and thank you for the wonderful gift.

Sincerely: Burt Lancaster & Susie


Octobre 1993

Dearest Sig.na Mercandelli Elena and family,

We are writing again to let her know how much we appreciate your wines very special.

Each bottle of fine wine, it was like velvet that we have served our friends with great honor.

Thanks again for your wonderful gift fruit of your efforts. Sincerely, Burt Lancaster & Susie

the sepia colours of history

The story of Cabanon, renowned name among lovers of wine Oltrepò, Italy, the world is told on the walls of the house, in every corner, on shelves and on the furniture. Wherever you waiting for evidence of a past that, step by step, row after row, glass after glass, contributed to this shining of this production company that holds high, everywhere, the flag of the territory. They are photographs that reproduce in sepia, the family of the great-grandparents of Helen, the current owner and soul of the company, in front of their inn in the center of Godiasco over a hundred years ago, or Elena herself, in the vineyard with her ​​beloved father, or moments of vintage views from the house and the estate. They are newspaper clippings that tell of encounters with journalists, citations in prestigious journals, ratings and comments. They are also scrolls which show the awards obtained by the different wines in many wine competitions in Europe and the world. And then are the bottles. Twenty-two labels, each with its own specificity, stand out on an old family furniture, narare as a growing commitment can transform reality in small ones. The winemaking tradition of Cabanon draws origins as far back as 1909, when, on the farm of the great-grandmother of Helen, in the lower valley Staffora, was cultivated to produce good wine to offer to the patrons of the tavern in Godiasco. La Fattoria Cabanon born, in fact, from the heart, intuition and passion of John Mercandelli, father of Helen, which gave rise to the family land that reality to which he gave, since the beginning, very solid foundations guided by a philosophy of production serious and far-sighted. Much must, therefore, to the intuitions of John that have always led to anticipate the times, to go where others would come a little 'later. Pioneer in importing non-native vines, had anticipated for at least fifteen years, the plant Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, Merlot, vines, thanks to the flexibility of the soil, have acclimated very well ...