an explosion of scents

Lavender is an authentic Mediterranean plant with unparalleled fragrances, always green and characterized by thick Chionne of his wonderful inflorescences. Its name was chosen by the ancient Romans and is derived from the Latin verb "Wash"; in ancient times the plant was used to disinfect and refresh the rooms and was also immersed in the tanks for the toilets intended for washing the body.
The shelled and dried flower is used in herbal medicine and goes into mixtures for infusion which gives it an excellent anti-bacterial properties and Balsamic. The fragrance of lavender is full of antidepressant properties and is used in aromatherapy as a relaxing and soothing essence.
From plants and, in particular, by its inflorescence is obtained by distilling the precious essential oil has always been highly valued in perfumery; remember the famous "eau de Cologni" just put in 1709 by perfumer Italian Giovanni Maria Farino.
Lavender is also famous for its insecticidal properties and has always been the "queen" of all the "cabinets" which, thanks to its unrivaled properties, manages to scent and protect from annoying insects that can insidiarli. Its essential oil is also combined with massage creams healthy and relaxing and has the property to decongest the skin which is why, it can help from small household burns and redness in the cases such as those derived from the sun or from insect bites.
All civilizations have used this plant, by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Arabs who introduced until more concretely in the medicine of the time.
Famous and legendary was the news that the four thieves in the XXVIII century claimed to have used the Lavender in a portion of them against the plague in mixture with rosemary, cloves and distilled vinegar.
This is definitely one of the plants that have mostly supported the path of our humanity becoming part of our customs and our daily needs and matching to the exclusive use of its many virtues and fine beauty. Text and photos John Steven Tinteri Fattoria Cabanon