Olio essenziale di lavanda

At Fattoria Cabanon farm, we cultivate
organically certified fields of lavender
flowers and extract the essential oils in
our own on-site steam distillery. Pure
lavender oil is an incredible essential
oil to use for your own household &
wellness care products, It's among
the gentlest of essential oils, but also
one of the most powerful, making it a
favorite of households use. Lavender
aromatherapy has calming and anxiety
relieving properties which can relax and relieve stress, improve your mood helping to improve your productivity. Although, It is not to be taken internally or when pregnant or nursing, Lavender oil, however, has so much more to offer:











Essential oil of lavender is extremely effective when it is applied to minor burns, whether they are caused by fire, kitchen oil or the sun. To help soothe, cool and heal the burn it can either be used neat or diluted with aloe vera gel. (5 drops of essential oil to 5ml of gel.) A few applications will help to relieve and regenerate burnt skin and prevent infection. The same treatment is equally effective on minor cuts and grazes.
Also, to make an effective after-sun spray in the summer, mix 20 drops of essential oil of lavender with 250ml of natural mineral water in a spray container. Kept in the fridge, the lotion can be used throughout the day to refresh the skin and tone up tired legs.



Sunflower oil is non greasy and rich in vitamin E. Mixed with essential oil of lavender, it makes an excellent massage oil for treating circulatory problems, both arterial and lymphatic. Simply mix 20 drops of essential oil of lavender with 100ml of sunflower oil. Then to stimulate the blood flow from the lower limbs to the heart, massage the oil between your ankles and your knees. Also use it to treat swollen, painful ankles or to stimulate your circulation in bed.
As a further tip, a leg massage before you go out walking can put an extra spring in your heel.



This is a preparation for treating cellulite, orange peel skin and stretch marks. Mix 20 drops of essential oil of lavender with nut oil.
This produces a nourishing oil with astringent properties to tighten loose, saggy skin



By adding 20 drops of essential oil of lavender to 30ml of rosa mosqueta oil, you can make the most of your skin's regenerative properties.
The resulting anti-ageing oil even reduces blotches on the face.



This is a fantastic treatment for greasy hair, eczema and other skin conditions, particularly seborrhoeic dermatitis.
Often provoked by changes of season, allergies or stress this is a very common kind of facial inflammation, especially on the eyebrows and around the nostrils.
The skin looks red with whitish flakes and, besides the inflammation, there is usually bacterial or fungal infection.
To treat the condition, Lavender works in three ways. It lessens the inflammation, it rebalances the sebum level and it reduces allergic reactions.
Simply mix 20 drops of essential oil of lavender with 50ml of jojoba oil. Apply to the inflamed areas morning and evening.



Lavender brings benefits to the mind as well as the body. To restore a sense of balance and inner peace, it reduces stress in general, eases the symptoms
of PMT and calms a heartbeat that is a little too fast. Massage essential oil of lavender into your temples, the neck and hairline. It will help to reduce tension, soothe chronic headache and alleviate anxiety.



To promote domestic harmony, you can spread the fragrance of essential oil of lavender with humidifiers or aroma lamps. Simply prepare a mixture using a ratio of 5 drops of essential oil of lavender:
2 drops of essential oil of lemon

1 drop of essential oil of grapefruit.
Then use one drop of the mixture for every square metre of room area. A few drops of the same mixture applied to their pillow can give a stress-free sleep to people of all ages, from children to the elderly.



When children are fractious, will not go to bed and are too tired to sleep anyway, there is a simple solution. Just add 2.5ml of essential oil of lavender and 1ml of oil of camomile to their bathwater. A peaceful night lies ahead for everyone, parents included.



This beautiful potpourri makes an original gift that brings a gentle fragrance into the home, easing tension and soothing nerves. Take 100 grams of lavender flowers, 6 grams of dried thyme leaves, 3 grams of dried mint leaves and 3 grams of cloves. Crush them all together with a pestle and mortar adding 20 drops of essential oil of lavender. Then put the mixture into a pretty little coarse linen bag. It is a present that is useful, unusual and bound to be appreciated.



While the aroma of lavender is relaxing and evokes pleasant feelings and memories, its colour also has a beneficial role to play. Chromatherapy exploits the medicinal power of colour on our psyche. It promotes the delicate colour of lavender as a tonic for both the eye and the mind. That is why curtains, cushions or a piece of furniture in lavender are cheering and relaxing, recalling happy memories or evoking images of lavender fields in bloom.
To your very good health.


Article Source: The Aromatario FLORA magazine for wellness.