Made with 100% Bonarda grapes or grape ripening rare collection with at least 200 g / l. of sugar. The wine is bottled young released to the market after taking a slight fermentation in the bottle without force or manipulation in an autoclave.
Deep ruby ​​color, has a distinctive aroma well pronounced, persistent, typically fruity with notes of blackberry and black cherry.
It 'a wine is full-bodied and soft, with good aging potential.
Throughout the meal, is associated with many pasta dishes, red meats and cheeses in general.
Serve at room temperature.

Harvest: October

Vinification: Having attained a considerable sugar content, the grapes are pressed and destalked for red vinification, after a few days of fermentation with the skins, there is an appreciable sugar residue. After bottling in the spring that follows the harvest, this residue enables the wine to develop a fine sparkle in the bottle. This classic naturally sparkling wine (which has considerable body) is rather like a methode champenoise wine, re-fermenting in the bottle with the grapes' original sugar. It has an excellent alcohol content which, with its yeast in the bottle, give it remarkable longevity and, on top of this, it has a fragrant and natural liveliness.

Soil : Sparse chalky clay, well drained and ventilated.
Vigna del Crocefisso, Vigna Cucù, Vigna Montalfeo, Rustega. Impianto a guillot semplice e cordone speronato;alta intensità di ceppi per ettaro

Altitude: 300 mt
Exposition: Sud Est

Planting method: Guillot-
Number of plants per hector:

Yelds per hector: 45
Number of bottles produced:
N°: 8,500