On original clones of Sauvignon Blanc is grown in sixths of intensive plants to 300 meters above sea level on very thin limestone soil with a limited production and high quality. The color is light straw yellow color, has a distinctive aroma with floral notes very well developed in youth, which evolve in a very pleasant mineral notes after aging in bottle.
It tastes very intense and persistent, with a pleasant freshness in the background.

It is a great white wine, balanced and fine, with a structure that gives it a great longevity. Goes well with all seafood, especially crustaceans, smoked, pasta dishes and even a few aged cheeses and blue cheeses.


Harvest: September

Vinification: First, cold maceration of the pressed and destalked grapes, then moving on to white vinification (in-press separation of the skins and the must, cold static decantation, fermentation at controlled temperature). Aged entirely in steel casks. Bottling in the spring after the harvest

Soil: Very sparse, thin chalky clay on very steep, well-ventilated slopes

Vineyard: The estate's Levantina and Alto Poggio vineyards, high intensity cultivation and low yield per hectare.
Altitude: 300 mt
Exposition: South East

Growth system: Cordone Speronato Number of Buds per vine: 8
Number of plants per hector: 4500
Yeld per hector: 45 q.li
Number of bottles produced: N° 5000