Among the elements that characterize and distinguish our production and even more of our white and rosé wines , you are definitely all aspects of soil and climate in which our production is set, which is followed by the systems agnonomici and farming geared to low production and cultivation according to the principles of organic more serious and rational.
                    These are the main reasons why our white wines have characteristics that distinguish them making them particularly recognizable, satisfying and durable over time.
                    Their pronounced subtlety, indispensable element in the heritage of the organoleptic high quality white is supporttata from major rich in taste and texture and flavors accentuated flavor comforted by a persuasive and persistent fragrance that guarantees characteristics rich presentations.

Cavaliere del Tempio- Chardonnay wine
Wine made from Chardonnay, the market after refining in Wine Glass Bottle.
Primo Cavaliere - Black Pinot wine
From original Burgundian varietals in small bunches.
Cavaliere del Nord - Riesling renano
Straw-colored, shiny, very fruity ...
Cavaliere Selvaggio - Sauvignon Blanc
On the original clones of Sauvignon Blanc
Cavaliere solitario - Rosato
Wine produced from the blend of pink flesh ..
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