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Cabanon is a tiny part of the Oltrepò Pavese wine area in northern Italy just below Milan and Pavia right in the corner of the "Ancient Piedmont" that has become part Lombardy. Here, on 30 acres that slope to 300 meters above sea level, well-ventilates, limestone-clay soil, in an ideal micro climate for cultivating vines our family produced wine since 1909. Since then, we have never used and always rejected chemical fertilizers, weed killers and insecticides. Now days this is pronounced in 2 words, "Organic farming", for which Cabanon was the very first to be certified with the Lombardy Region Government act nr. 324 in 29 October 1991. We embraced a philosophy which would care for people's health and for the environment in which we live and work, developing and enriching them through study, foreign travel and, of course, work. With the ideal balance of traditional thinking and modern ideas, new wine making techniques focus on achieving a product that is both natural and of the highest quality. From the vine to the bottle, we rely solely on what Nature provides and our own skills. The cornerstone of organic farming is the soil. Maintaining a healthy, biologically active soil is the main objective for an organic farmer. In the vineyard it means cultivating the soil and planting the crops, instead of applying herbicides. It means using natural fertilizers, such as composted vegetable versus chemical fertilizers. As for not using pesticides, as organic alternative we encourage natural predators of insect pests. We promote "biodiversity" and allow plants and surrounding woods to grow around the vineyards. Biodiversity helps regulate the vineyard soil by attracting beneficial predators such as spiders, predatory mites and bats, as well as provide shelter and food (pollen, nectar and other bugs). What cannot be fully controlled through biodiversity can still be managed organically, through the use of naturally occurring plant or mineral extracts, which leave no residues in the soil. Our purpose is to celebrate the complexities of the grapes we grow, bringing out their full character in our wine. Some wines are only produced when the year is excellent or exceptional, because quality comes before everything else. Cabanon produces Award winning wines crafted from Certified Organic grown grapes, grown in environmentally friendly vineyards, and made with NO chemical additives. We make a limited quantity of wine, so as to choose only the ripest and richest grapes possible, through the painstaking selection and scrupulous processes, which exalt the characteristics and peculiarities of our products. Our grapes are hand-picked, so as to choose only the ripest and richest grapes possible. They are free of pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals, allowing our wine to reflect that dedication to quality.

the team

Cabanon is a lifestyle choice, not just a winery. Cabanon is a philosophy of farming and love for the land and for the fruit that it gives. Cabanon are the hills that give us precious grapes. Cabanon is a passion for our work. Cabanon all of us, owners and tenants. All together we Cabanon.


Business Analyst

Una passione enorme per la coltivazione delle vigne e per la sperimentazione.



The real heart of the company. Skillful administrator and above all very expert winemaker.


the future

A great lover of his country, family and his hobby. The falconry.

the workers

il team

A close-knit group and professionally prepared.
Our second family.